Our Drone Crew

     First and foremost Atmosphere Aerial drone crew is made up of full size helicopter pilots, directors, cinematographers, editors, motion graphic artist and lighting specialists. Our crew has years of onset experience mastering the gamut of technical skills and knowledge. With this knowledge we saw a new tool emerge for the cinema space that would open up new opportunities for creative storytelling and raise production value. Long ago we started to design, build, and fly these aerial video drones so we could bring a new perspective to film and video production. Since then our team has mastered the art of cinematic drone operation and have been performing aerial moves that previously were only possible with visual effects. From feature films, live production, broadcast, and events there is nothing our drone crew has not done. We are proud to be Louisiana’s #1 drone crew and proud to live out our motto, “The sky is no longer the limit”.

louisiana drone crew pilots aerial video and photography

Investigating the Potential for Drone Use in Agriculture

The aerial drone is a unique remote sensing platform that allows real-time collection of remote sensing data. LSU AgCenter researchers are exploring uses of these unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture. One of the first projects involves flying a drone equipped with a sensor device to measure the vegetative index of a crop.

louisiana drone crew pilots aerial video and photography

Sink hole

Having taken an in-depth look at the tragic salt-cavern sinkhole in Bayou Corne as a scientist-host for the Travel Channel series, “America Declassified,” it is clear it me that the situation there is truly a perfect storm of physical and chemical hazards.

louisiana drone crew pilots aerial video and photography

Lsu Reveille

University graduate student Charles Malveaux watched intently as a drone circled overhead on the Parade Ground. But the familiar buzzing sound wasn’t that of a government-made Predator Drone — it was his own creation.