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Rental gear Movi pro

FreeFly Movi Pro

The MōVI Pro is an evolution of the Freefly gimbal system for larger cinema cameras and upgrade to the MōVI M10 and M15 gimbals. Key features include:

  • Supports up to fifteen pounds of equipment
  • RED Camera Control with optional cable
  • Mimic remote control improves 2nd operator function
  • Dual hot-swappable batteries for all day shooting

What’s new? Re-built from the ground up (or the sky down?) the Movi Pro is Freefly’s latest, flagship 3-axis camera gimbal system with a new emphasis on speed, ease of use, and versatility.

Get Shooting Faster. The MōVI Pro boasts a 2 second boot time and a 10 second autotune wait that can all you to get up and running, or walking, or skipping while you shoot even faster.

Ring Around the MōVI. The MōVI Pro comes with a ring, rather than handlebars like the previous generation to maximize the amount of grab-able surfaces on the MōVI, making it perfect for passing the rig off to another operator mid-shot. There’s also a built-in stand now, so when you need a rest, it’s easy as just setting the unit down.

RCP Support. The MōVI Pro offers support to control camera settings on RED cinema cameras when also renting the Freefly RED RCP Serial Cable for Movi Pro. Utilizing the REDLINK Command Protocol, you can control a host of settings that include ISO, frame rate, shutter and recording start/stop.

Mimic Remote. The included Mimic remote means that you can control the MōVI with actual movements rather than a joystick or thumb controller.

Hot Swappable Batteries. The MōVI Pro is powered by a pair of hot-swappable, intelligent batteries. Allow me to re-phrase that, the MōVI Pro, the camera, and all of the accessories you may add are powered by a pair of hot-swappable batteries.

  • MōVI Pro
  • MōVI Ring Pro
  • MIMIC Controller
  • Case
  • (6) Batteries
  • (2) Battery Charger with leads
  • Rod Mount Adapter
  • 13mm quick-release monitor mount
  • (1) 3mm driver
  • (1) 2.5mm driver
  • (1) 2mm driver
  • (1) 1.5mm driver

$200 – Daily

$600 – Weekly

Pickup only

Rental gear

FreeFly Movi M15

The Freefly Systems MōVI M15 is an advanced stabilization rig for professional camera systems.

What to know about the Movi M15:

  • Weight Capacity. 15 lbs, maximum.
  • How easy is it to use? The Movi is not what one would call a “plug and play” solution; the M15 needs a good amount of training and practice to produce great results.
  • Battery Dangers. Like any electrical device you should never touch the wires together. You should  also never run the LIPO battery below 30% as it will damage the battery.
  • Optional Transmitter for Remote Operation. We offer the Futaba 8J controller for remote operation as a separate rental.
  • Optional WiFi Adapter. The MōVI ships ready for use with Android, OSX, & Windows devices. To use iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) you will need to rent that Wifi adapter.

Features of the M15 include:

  • Quality. The M15 has all of the qualities a Movi users already know (and love) including: Majestic Mode (Patent pending), Light weight carbon fiber construction, live wireless tuning/graphing, silent drive, American manufacturing and tech support.
  • Heavy Duty. The M15 is made to take on the largest Digital Cinema Cameras on the market today.
  • MōVI M15
  • (2) Batteries
  • Battery Charger with leads
  • Movi Dock
  • (1) 3mm driver
  • (1) 2.5mm driver
  • (1) 2mm driver
  • (1) 1.5mm driver

$450 – Daily

$1350 – Weekly

Pickup only

Rental gear Movi

FreeFly Movi M5

The Freefly Systems MōVI M5 is an advanced stabilization rig for professional camera systems.

What to know about the Movi M5:

  • Weight Capacity. 5 lbs, maximum.
  • How easy is it to use? The Movi is not what one would call a “plug and play” solution; the M5 needs a good amount of training and practice to produce great results.
  • Battery Dangers. Like any electrical device you should never touch the wires together. You should  also never run the LIPO battery below 30% as it will damage the battery.
  • Optional Transmitter for Remote Operation. We offer the Futaba 8J controller for remote operation as a separate rental.
  • Optional WiFi Adapter. The MōVI ships ready for use with Android, OSX, & Windows devices. To use iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) you will need to rent that Wifi adapter.

Features of the M5 include:

  • Majestic Mode (Pan/Tilt) Patent pending Majestic Mode allows for a single operator to intuitively control the pointing of the gimbal by moving the handles without compromising the stabilization of the image. The gimbal takes the operator’s movements and intelligently converts them into stabilized pan and tilt movements.
  • Live Wireless Tuning & Graphing. The MōVI features real-time bluetooth connection to the gimbal, which outputs all pertinent performance data and allows for live adjustment of any of the gimbal parameters in a fast, intuitive and user friendly GUI (graphical user interface).
  • Silent Drive. Capturing on-camera audio is no problem with the MōVI, as the system is virtually silent. Because the entire motor/drive system was designed with audio in mind, the noise frequency signature of the gimbal is virtually inaudible.
  • MōVI M5
  • (2) Batteries
  • Battery Charger with leads
  • Rod Mount w/ single rod
  • Top Camera Cage
  • Stand
  • (1) 3mm driver
  • (1) 2.5mm driver
  • (1) 2mm driver
  • (1) 1.5mm driver

$250 – Daily

$900 – Weekly

Pickup only


Rental gear black magic ursa mini pro

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K (EF) (PL)

The Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K (EF) and (PL) combines professional-grade features with the original Mini’s familiar, compact body style..

Key features include:

4.6K Super 35mm sensor
External controls
Fifteen-stop dynamic range
Active Canon EF mount
New Professional Features. The URSA Mini Pro 4.6K offers many professional-grade features that distinguish it from the previous URSA Mini 4.6K. You get a raft of external controls that eliminate menu diving for focus assist, frame rate, and exposure settings. There’s an exterior LCD that provides at-a-glance shooting data, a four-position ND filtration wheel (0/2/4/6-stops), and dual CFast 2.0 and SD memory card slots for recording less-intensive formats.

4.6K Super 35mm Sensor. This imaging sensor speaks for itself: 4,608 × 2,592 resolution, 15 stops of dynamic range, and 160 fps (HD). Need we say more?

Compact Handheld Design. While still maintaining the familiar URSA design, the Mini Pro’s more compact size allows it to be used by smaller crews and fewer hands. The optional shoulder mount makes the URSA Mini Pro even more versatile, allowing you to swap it from hand-held shooting to over-the-shoulder use to a tripod mount with ease. The magnesium-alloy build cuts the Mini Pro’s weight to just over five pounds.

Touchscreen Controls. Despite its reduced size, the URSA Mini Pro comes equipped with a five-inch folding monitor. Its touchscreen interface allows access to all menu functions, eliminating the hassle of menu-diving.

Active Canon EF Mount. This camera is compatible with all of Canon’s new EF Cinema lenses and servo zooms, as well as current EF lenses, including compact primes, super telephotos, specialty tilt-shift, macro, and fisheye—over 100 in all.

  • EF Mount
  • PL Mount
  • SmallRig 1902 Accessory Kit
  • (2) IDX batteries
  • (2) IDX Chargers
  • (1) SanDisk Extreme Pro 256 CFast card
  • (1) CFast card reader

$400 – Daily

$700 – Weekly

Pickup only

Sony Alpha a7R II

Sony Alpha a7R II

The Sony Alpha a7R II is a high resolution, full-frame mirrorless camera and update to the Sony Alpha a7R. Key features include:

  • What’s New? Improvements to its predecessor include increased resolution, 5-axis in-body image stabilization, improved ergonomics and controls, faster autofocus performance, and 4k video recording.
  • 42.4MP Full Frame Sensor. The a7RII features a 42.4MP back-illuminated full-frame sensor, making it the first camera to use such a sensor that size. This sensor technology enables both very high resolution while still offering great low light performance.
  • 5-Axis Image Stabilization. Borrowed from its brother the a7II, built-in 5-axis image stabilization offers up to 4.5 stops of correction to any lens mounted. This includes angular shake (pitch and yaw), shift shake (X and Y axes), and rotational shake (roll). When using an E-mount lens that already features OSS, the two systems will work cooperatively for maximum stabilization.
  • E-mount. For the full-frame a7-series, Sony has taken their E-mount and created their line of FE lenses. These full-frame FE lenses utilize the same E-mount, but provide a larger image circle for covering the full-frame sensor. The existing APS-C E-mount lenses are compatible with the full-frame a7-series. However, you will have to shoot in crop-frame mode or accept any vignetting caused by the smaller image circle.
  • Hybrid Autofocus. This updated system features 399 on-sensor phase-detect AF points with 45% coverage along with 25 contrast-detect AF points, providing extremely fast, accurate performance. The combo allows the a7RII tracking autofocus performance that rivals even top-of-the-line DSLRs. The back-illuminated sensor translates to faster data throughput, meaning tracking and continuous focus is possible at the camera’s maximum 5fps.
  • 4k Video. While the a7S allowed 4k video capture that was limited to an external recorder, the a7RII can record internal UHD 4k video at 24 / 30fps. You have the choice of capturing using either the full-frame sensor format, or you can use the Super 35 (APS-C) format which uses oversampling with full pixel readout and no pixel binning. The advanced AF system is fully operational in video capture and timecode enables multi camera syncing. Internal 4k video is recorded in 8-bit 4:2:0, while the clean HDMI outputs 4:2:2 uncompressed. To round out the pro-grade video features is the inclusion of the S-Log2 Gamma Curve.
  • Other Notable Features. The a7RII has both built-in Wi-Fi and NFC capability for connecting to smartdevices, as well as an app store for adding features to the camera such as Sony’s Smart Remote. There’s also the option to remotely control the camera via USB. It records its 14-bit RAW images, JPG, and video files to SDXC memory cards, and uses the rechargable NP-FW50 battery that’s rated for 290 shots per charge.

Please Note:

  • While this camera accepts any E-mount lens, only the Sony FE lenses offer full-frame coverage!
  • Recording 100Mbps 4K internally requires a U3 SDXC memory card. Due to numerous compatibility issues, we strongly recommend not using the UHS-II memory cards!
  • Recording HD video in the XAVC-S codec requires an SDXC memory card. In other words, a card that is 64GB or larger.
  • a7R II camera w/body cap
  • Camera strap
  • NP-FW50 battery (2)
  • Charger

$75 – Daily

$150 – Weekly

Pickup only

Rental gear Canon C100

Canon EOS C100 Mark II w/ Dual Pixel CMOS AF

The Canon EOS C100 Mark II w/ Dual Pixel CMOS AF is the latest iteration of Canon’s popular EOS C-series EF-mount digital cinema cameras. Key features include:

  • Dual-pixel CMOS autofocus
  • 60 fps capture in Full HD resolution
  • Improved image quality
  • Improved mic, viewfinder, and screen

Slow Motion 1080/60p. At long last, Canon has implemented 60 fps capture in Full HD resolution. Shoot 60p for a more accurate/realistic depiction of events or re-time it to 24fps in post for 2.5x slow motion.

DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor. The C100 Mark II employs the same Super 35mm CMOS sensor previously found in the C300 and C100 camcorders; however, thanks to an all-new image processor, the camera can deliver better image quality and improved noise reduction.

Dual-Pixel CMOS Autofocus. This update retains the same industry-leading continuous autofocus (AF) technology that helped the original C100 become the go-to camera for event videography. The AF Lock setting lets you change the image framing while holding the desired focus. These critical focusing capabilities are designed to help reduce out-of-focus video while providing for smooth focus transitions and to assist users operating with small crews.

Improved Mic, Viewfinder, and Screen. The C100 Mark II elegantly addresses three of the previous generation’s shortcomings. An additional mic was placed inside the camera body for capturing audio without the top handle’s mic, while the viewfinder and LCD have both been updated with 1.23MP OLED screens.

  • Camera with body cap
  • (2) EN-EL20 Battery
  • MH-27 Battery Charger
  • Top handle
  • (1) SD Card

$250 – Daily

$400 – Weekly

Pickup only

Rental gear Rent camera

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) is an ultra compact camcorder with a Super 16mm sensor (x3.02 Crop). The BMPCC has the ability to capture full HD footage in either CinemaDNG RAW, or Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), with an impressive 13 stops of dynamic range.

  • Active Micro 4/3 Lens Mount. The BMPCC’s active micro 4/3 lens mount enables electronic control of aperture and the ability to manual focus using a variety of Micro 4/3 lenses (supported lens list not currently available). Furthermore, through the use of MFT adapters, an even wider selection of lenses are available.
  • The Crop Factor. The crop factor of the camera is x3.02, so there will be very few wide angle lens options. Moreover, the use of third party adapters may affect infinity focus.
  • Record with SD Cards. Use fast SDXC cards full HD with 13 stops of dynamic range.
  • CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes. The BMPCC records a choice of high quality ProRes 422 (HQ) and lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW files. BlackmagicDesign’s free DaVinci Resolve Lite software enables users to color correct the CinemaDNG RAW files, and export them at their full 1920×1080 resolution.
  • Camera with body cap
  • (1) EN-EL20 Battery
  • MH-27 Battery Charger

$30 – Daily

$100 – Weekly

Pickup only

Rental gear insta360 Pro VR camera

Insta360 Pro 8K VR / 360

  • Capture 360 spherical VR videos and stills in 8K and 3D. Put on an optional VR headset and watch everything as you capture it. Moreover, you can live stream it as you capture it, using less bandwidth thanks to H.265 compression and cube map projection techniques. These are just some of the features of the Insta360 Pro, which was designed from the ground up with creators in mind.The Insta360 Pro is built with six 200° fisheye lenses and offers adjustable shutter speed, but you have complete control over how many lenses the camera shoots with. You can select from just three to all six and control which subjects take center stage in the image. The camera also records audio with four built-in mics and additionally supports an external mic.There’s a big difference between 360 with image stabilization and 360 without it. Advanced, real-time image stabilization is another of the features of the Insta360 Pro. The Insta360 Pro also employs a precise optical flow stitching process that minimizes seam lines.The Insta360 Pro features a mostly aluminum frame and comes with a base stand that can be used as a stand or as a tripod mount (via a threaded mounting hole on the bottom).
  • Camera
  • Case
  • (1) Charger
  • (1) Charging Hub
  • (3) Batteries
  • Tripod Mount Base Stand
  • (2) SanDisk Extreme 64GB SDXC UHS-I Card V30
  • Lens Cover

$500 – Daily

$2000 – Weekly

Pickup only


Rental gear Atomos

ATOMOS Shogun Flame 4K HDMI / SDI Recorder

The Atomos Shogun Flame is a 7″ 4K HDMI & SDI HDR monitor with recording in 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes, DNxHD, and DNxHR and is an upgrade to the Atomos Shogun. Key features include:

  • HDMI / SDI. The Shogun Flame features both 4K HDMI and 12G-SDI inputs / outputs.
  • AtomHDR Display. The traditional Rec.709 video standard is based off an 8-bit color depth and about 6.5 stops of dynamic range. The Shogun Flame’s monitor features a wide 10-stop dynamic range and a 10-bit signal processor, making it capable of natively displaying log footage without it looking washed out. Built-in pre-sets for Sony, Canon, Panasonic, ARRI, RED, and JVC cameras convert the typically flat looking log based images into vibrant HDRpictures.
    Note: The preset looks will only actually affect viewing, the recorded footage remains totally unaltered.
  • High Bright Display. When working within the Rec.709 space, the Shogun Flame’s monitor offers a High Bright mode. Taking advantage of the monitor’s full 1500 cd/m² brightness, the Shogun Flame can be used outdoors in brightest of environments without a requiring a hood.
  • Pro Recording. Capture footage at resolutions up to DCI 4K (4096 × 2160) and frame rates up to 120fps (1080p only).
  • Re-designed Construction. The Shogun Flame was rethought with a focus on a real-world production environment. The protective rubber bumpers are now built into the case design. A second Sony L-Series battery plate has been added to enable longer record times and allow hot swapping, along with a newly redesigned battery charger to handle your power needs.

Important Considerations:

  • No RAW Recording. Pending a possible firmware update someday, this recorder is currently unable to capture Cinema DNG image sequences.
  • HDMI Connection. If using a Sony a7S or Panasonic GH4, you must use an HDMI cable for delivering the signal from camera to recorder. Be aware, the HDMI standard was designed to connect home theater components together in a living space, not for professional field production. You should expect lots of signal loss, connection issues, and delays if relying on an HDMI cable.
  • Thermal Management. If shooting for long periods (especially in direct sunlight or hot/humid environments), the Shogun’s active cooling will likely be unable to keep up with your production. The only solution is giving the recorder a cool-down break every 20 minutes. Power it off and leave in a cool, dry place for about 10 minutes. Failure to do so will cause stability issues and possibly data corruption. Use at your own risk.
  • Shogun Flame
  • (2) Sony NP-F970
  • Fast Battery Charger
  • USB 3.0 SSD Dock
  • LANC / Serial Loop Cable
  • D-Tap to DC Cable
  • Lemo to XLR Breakout Cable
  • (2) Simsukian AC Adapter
  • (4) SSD Master Caddy II
  • Case

$90 – Daily

$200 – Weekly

Pickup only